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About Me

Hey, everyone. Thanks for checking out my final project about feral cats in Connecticut. The project is the last assignment for a graduate class at Quinnipiac University called Reporting for the Web.

The idea about doing a story on feral cats happened somewhat by accident. I knew nothing about the topic until I did a story on the H.O.P.E. clinic in Waterbury, Conn. Up until interviewing many who are devoted to the welfare of these animals, I didn’t know these cats even existed. Like most people out there, I just assumed a cat I saw wandering around outside had an owner. This subculture of those who tend to these cats is vast and dedicated. My story just touches the tip of the iceberg, if you will.

I reside in Connecticut and have been here since 1985. I’m just about done with graduate school for journalism and work part-time at Fox 61 in Hartford. I graduated from Trinity College in Hartford in 1992, and grew up in Longmeadow, Mass. The one thing I enjoy most about reporting is going out on a story of my own and interviewing people to get their story. I do believe everyone has a story to tell. I also think documenting these stories on film is a wonderful way to preserve them for future generations.

So what’s your story?

Send me story ideas to my email or to Twitter or friend me on Facebook by typing “funfunster” in the search window.

Below are some video stories I have done. Link to my YouTube channel for the bigger picture.

Senior Night

“Senior Night” is a news package created to fulfill an assignment for the Broadcast Journalism class at Quinnipiac University. It was filmed on September 24, 2008. It’s the first television news package I had ever done.


“Dreamings” is the second news package I ever filmed for the same class mentioned above. “Dreamings” was shot on October 14, 2008. The Judy Dworin Performance Project is a nonprofit artists collaborative based in Hartford, Conn.

Green with Environ

The third, and final, news package filmed for my broadcast class at Quinnipiac was “Green with Environ.” “Green” was filmed on November 11, 2008. Considering the subject matter is about an environmentally green business, I thought it appropriate to play with the idiom “green with envy” for the title. Naturally.

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